ROC Forum is composed of Pinellas County resident owned parks.  The ROC (Resident-Owned Communities) Forum will provide educational opportunities for Boards of Directors and residents to enhance the function to ensure the continuation of service to Resident-Owned Communities.  Their web site is at this link.

ROC Forum is now a chapter of FLAROC that is several regional ROC Forums throughout Florida.  FLAROC is a state-wide organization which is building a voice for manufactured home communities in Florida.  FLAROC has been sucessful in protecting the interests of residential-owned senior communities and their resisdents, by employing a lobbyist who has assisted in the enactment of appropriate legislation.  Certified cooperative board member trainings are now offered around the state, thanks to FLAROC.  Their web site is at this



"Leadership and learning are indispensible to each other." - John F. Kennedy
Neil Thomas, Serendipity resident, is Treasuer of the ROC-Forum board of directors.

The following is the proposed meetings for 2016-17.

Nov. 11,2016          Consumer Advisory Sheriff's Dept.                   Sunset Palms

Dec. 9, 2016            Insurance Aprrasials & Reserve Studies        Majestic

Jan. 12,2017           Creating Harmony                                              Ameicana Cove

Feb. 10, 2017           Round Table                                                       Golden Gate

March 10, 2017        Legal Issues                                                       Four Seasons

April 14, 2017           Banking Resources                                           Club Chalet